Hobsonville Point


The transformation of Hobsonville Point from (largely) bare land to a bustling community is on a scale that is…

Transport & amenities

The township is designed to provide everything a community needs in order to thrive, close at hand. From parks and schools to a…


What makes a place great to live in? The greatest benefit of Hobsonville Point being government led and planned from scratch is…


Don’t mention the word ‘suburb’. We’re building a world-class township for Aucklanders of all ages and stages who want to live in a thriving community with easy access to all the 21st century facilities they need. And the views aren’t bad either!

Rolling green land, character buildings, a boulevard of mature palm trees, magnificent harbour and bush setting – Hobsonville Point was always going to be an extraordinary development.

Still, we’ve taken pains to make sure that every street is ‘the best street in town.’ It was important to us that our new residents had plenty of choice as to the size, plan, look and price of their home.

By having four separate building companies working with a range of plans and materials we can create a varied streetscape. We can also deliver a home to suit all ages and stages and the resulting diversity of residents will lend strength to our community.