Plans for Catalina Bay (‘The Landing’) Released

Mar 16 2017 Development

Willis Bond & Co has released its plans for Catalina Bay, an exciting new waterfront development at Hobsonville Point. The area will include a mix of retail, hospitality and apartment buildings, housed in the existing historic RNZAF hangars and workshops, as well as new modern additions sympathetic to the area’s rich history. 

Many will know this area as The Landing, but the headland is more accurately named Catalina Bay, referencing the Catalina seaplanes that were once based in the area. It’s now home to a vibrant twice-weekly Farmers Market and a ferry terminal to the CBD, and forms part of the 4km coastal walkway around Hobsonville Point. 

Catalina Bay is masterplanned by Cheshire Architects, the firm behind innovative developments such as Britomart and City Works Depot. Stage One of the development plan consists of commercial, hospitality and retail opportunities within the character-filled RNZAF buildings. Construction for Stage One has begun, and tenancies will be completed progressively from late-2017 through to late-2018. Stage Two will deliver 60-80 high-quality seaside apartments, and Stages Three and Four will deliver new-build commercial, hospitality and retail tenancies. 

For more information and to register your interest in Stage One tenancies, visit

Hobsonville Point Farmers Market one of the "Best Things to Do in Auckland"

Mar 10 2017 In The Media

The Hobsonville Point Farmers Market has been featured in the "25 Best Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand" by Dream Vacation Magazine.

View the feature and full list at

Universal Homes Axis Ballot

Mar 7 2017 Axis Series

Another new Axis release from Universal Homes:

2 x three bedroom priced at $550,000 each,

2 x two bedroom priced at $450,000 each and 

1 x two bedroom priced at $500,000. 

These terrace homes are located in the Catalina precinct (CA13).

The ballot will be held on 23rd March 2017.

Entries to the ballot close 4pm Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Contact Steve Lindsey,, 021 963 978, Marie Hansen,, 021 998 301 or visit the Universal Showhome on Liquidambar Drive, Hobsonville Point to register your interest. 

Please see for more information on criteria and how to enter a ballot. 

Axis release by Fletcher Living

Feb 28 2017 Axis Series

Fletcher Living has released two 2-bedroom, two level terrace homes in the Catalina Precinct as part of the Axis series. 

These affordable homes are completed and priced at $500,000 each. 

Entries for the ballot is open from Saturday 11th March until Sunday 19th March, 4pm. 

The ballot will be held on Monday 20th March 2017. 

Contact Kathryn Perumal,, 027 836 7451, or visit the Fletcher Living Showhome at 2 Bomb Point Drive, Hobsonville Point to register your interest.

See for criteria and how to purchase an axis home. 

Ockham Residential - Axis release

Feb 27 2017 Axis Series

As part of Bernoulli Gardens Stage 2, Ockham Residential has released 5 x 1-bedroom Axis Apartments, priced at $450,000 each. 

Application cut off for the ballot is 5pm, Wednesday 15th March 2017. 

Please see for details, contact Joss Lewis,, 021 245 5155 or visit the Ockham Residential show home at the crn Hobsonville Point Road and Nugget Ave. 

For more information on Axis visit

Upcoming Axis draw by Universal Homes

Feb 23 2017 Axis Series

Universal Homes has released 2 x two-bedroom Axis series homes in the Catalina precinct (CA12). These homes are priced at $500,000. 

Entries to the ballot must be made to Universal homes by 8th March 2017 at 4pm.

Contact Steve Lindsey,, 021 963 978, Marie Hansen,, 021 998 301 or visit the Universal Showhome on Liquidambar Drive, Hobsonville Point to register your interest. 

Please see for more information on criteria and how to enter a ballot. 

New Axis Series release by Universal Homes

Feb 2 2017 Axis Series

Universal Homes has released six homes for sale in the Axis Series,

3 x 3-bedroom homes @ $550,000 and 

3 x 2-bedroom homes @ $500,000.

These homes will be located in the Buckley precinct (BB2A).

Entry to the ballot closes on 16th February 2017 at 4pm. 

Applications must be made to the new Universal Show home at 2 Poaka Road, Hobsonville Point. 

The Show home is open 7 days from 10-4pm. 

For information on how to buy an Axis home please see

Upcoming Axis Draw for GJ. Gardner Homes

Jan 11 2017 Axis Series

G.J. Gardner Homes has released three Axis Series homes for sale in the Catalina Precinct.

To go into the ballot please contact G.J. Gardner Homes or visit the show home on Liquidambar Drive by 31st January 2017.

See for information on eligibility and how to enter a ballot. 

The Landing Taking Off Next Year

Dec 5 2016 Development

The new year will herald a new look for The Landing. The historic buildings and hangars have been readied for rejuvenation by developer WIllis Bond, and stage one of the development comprises a mixture of hospitality, retail and commercial use. The boardwalk and public deck that leads into The Landing is also rapidly taking shape.

Building Commmunities Near and Far

Dec 5 2016 Development

Old buildings demolished in Hobsonville Point are paving the way for new beginnings in Kenya, thanks to the efforts Elizabeth McMaster owner of local business The Agency.

Plans for Marlborough Precinct Unveiled

Dec 5 2016 Development

Marlborough Oval will remain in its existing shape and as a communal feature in the new Marlborough Precinct, according to plans released by the developer Winton Partners.